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Worldbex is a yearly convention for 23 years that showcases different items, services and important people in the world of builders and designers. The exhibitors present at worldbex are companies that aid the builders and designers not only from the Philippines but also from different countries. It also showcases well-known designers and new designers and their works. Since it is a convention to aid builders, different suppliers also showcase their products for additional options for different firms and end-users.

Last year’s booth is concentrated on an office design so that builders, designers and end-users can see a mockup of an office layout. It was a simple, upfront design that shows an executive office layout. It was also the first time that Gentleprince Inc. joined the convention. This year, the booth is bigger and more enticing to people. The main layout is a conference room with a small lounge area. Apart from a different layout and design, better lighting and better overall booth design is made for people to be interested in what the company offers.

For 2 years, office furniture has been the items being offered by the company as it can be seen in the last year’s design and the old catalogs. However, new hospitality items and residential items have been added to the inventory to cater to a larger group of clients. The company now carries the brand B&T from Turkey which concentrates mostly on hospitality and residential items. Apart from hospitality items, there are also new office items to cater to high-end clients. Mascagni is the new brand for office furniture and it is from Italy.

The feedback from the event’s visitors is significantly different compared to the feedback last year. The first expectation for the business development team is that it would be the same as last year wherein the visitors only spiked up during the weekend. They expected that people would only interact with them if the person is interested. What actually happened was that more people interacted this year even those who weren’t really interested in what the company offers. Most visitors who interacted with the BD Team were end-users, design firms and freelancers. Since the items being offered caters to a much larger crowd, more people interacted with the BD Team. More people are more interested in the new products being offered


Overall, the exhibition was a success! How the BD Team handled the number of visitors, how they interacted differently with different people and how they aggressively offered the new products. There were a few problems that occurred but it was all manageable and solvable. With the result of the Worldbex 2018, there is a possibility the Gentleprince would be coming back with more things to offer.   


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