Worldbex 2018

Worldbex 2018

Posted by Alona Hular


Worldbex is a yearly convention/exhibition that showcases both known and new and upcoming designers, different suppliers, land companies and any companies that aid the builders and planners in the Philippines. For 23 years, Worldbex has been aiding the builders and planners in looking for the items they need for their individual projects.

Last year, Gentleprince Inc. joined Worldbex 2017 to showcase the furniture that the company offers. The main goal was to hopefully boost the sales in the furniture department of the company that has only been running for 2 years at that time. Together with the company’s in-house designer, the business development team aggressively displayed the best that the furniture department can offer.

Before the event started, the business development team, the marketing team and the managing team prepared the items needed and most importantly the booth and the furniture to be displayed. The management believed that by putting up a booth with the items to be displayed would help designers and end-users see a mockup of an office design and also see the mixing and matching of different items.


At the start of the event, the Business Development team was overwhelmed by the sheer number of visitors despite the event being in the middle of the week. As the week progresses, more and more people arrived at the event and the BD team tirelessly enticed the visitors coming to the event. There are some visitors who just want to pass by and see what the event is all about and there are the ones who are really interested in what the company offers. Mostly, the people who are interested are designers, architects, firm owners and end users. By the end if the event, there was quite a number of interested visitors who in time was convert to clients.

This year, the company aims to have a better feedback compared to the great feedback from last year. Now that there are more people manning the booth this year and they are now more experienced compared to last year, it is predicted that the number of people enticed by the BD team would spike up significantly. With a better and bigger booth, the BD team hopes to boost the sale even more this year now that there are new items available powered by these brands.

The event will still take place in World Trade Center, PTTC and SMX this March 14-18, 2018. Visit us on our booth at SMX Convention Center #151 & 152. Pre-register now!


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