Posted by Norman Datu


Purchasing new pieces of furniture will always be a luxurious purchase since the lifespan of a furniture is quite lengthy. People tend to recycle their old furniture or continue using their old pieces even after it surpassed its expected lifespan.

What most don’t realize is that the longer the furniture is being used, the more it deteriorates in its quality. As the quality lessens, so is the Comfortability hence the productivity of the user. As most agree on, the more comfortable the user, the more productive they get.

Most reason why people do consider buying new furniture is first of all, to replace their old or unusable furniture. People should realize that the outdated furniture, especially with office chairs, don’t have the proper lumbar support or the desired comfort a person needs. The buyer of the pieces should not only consider the furniture being broken as a reason to replace, but having the proper comfort should also be considered. It is considered luxurious to purchase new furniture but it is may be an investment especially for companies. Durable and admirable quality furniture can last long and is cheaper in the long run. It’s not enough for a furniture to just be functional, it should also be comfortable.

Another reason why people buy furniture is that they have a new space or the designer/Architect specified certain furniture for the new space. In buying new furniture, the durability, comfort and overall function should be considered. These three factors should translate to the price of the chosen furniture. An investment depending on how the furniture would be used should be considered as well. Also, before buying a furniture, how it would be used should be considered. Most furniture have a flexible function and should be specified on what it would be used for.

Another common reason for furniture purchases is that the requirement for additional furniture. Usually, additional furniture is bought because first the storage spaces are already limited hence buying more storage spaces is required. Another is when the company or the general space adds more people, more furniture should accommodate the added headcount.

Whatever the reason for purchasing furniture, before thinking that it is expensive or it is not a practical decision, consider that at the end of the day, what is being paid is the comfort and the lasting experience with the pieces of furniture chosen. An outdated furniture can stain the user while a recycled furniture can soon be unfit to use. A good investment can go long ways.


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