What pointers can we give to design the highest corporate office?

When it comes to office design, the CEO’s office is something that requires presence, a representation of success. Executives need an office that’s functional, but one that can help improve their representation and leave a good impression on profitable partners and important clients. Given this criteria, what things should we recognize as we design an ideal CEO's office? What should we keep in mind?


1. Acknowledging the Brand

What does your brand stand for? What does your business represent? We can decorate the office with quotes and decorations that strongly align with the company values and ideals. For example: If your company values customer service above everything else, then the office wall decor may be composed with pictures of happy customers and quotes that align with that specific vision. If a company focuses on youthfulness and entertainment, then you may design it with bright vibrant colors, unusual furniture and a playful theme.

2. Maximizing the Office Space

The space in the office should reflect what it is used for. We must realistically asses the space that we need. How often does he expect to have meetings? How many people are usually attending these meetings? Does he prefer natural window light over artificial lighting? Does he want a sofa for his guests? You may want to set up a meeting with your CEO to answer these different questions and choose how much space is needed for each function.

3. Choosing the Right Furniture

The correct furniture can set-up the best work environment where the CEO can thrive. The physical aspect of an office can directly impact productivity, well-being and work performance. Knowing this in mind, we would proudly recommend CEO by Mascagni. CEO by Mascagni is an office desk that is absolutely designed for optimal work performance. The clean, essential lines are perfected to the smallest detail and made with the finest high-quality materials to give you the best working conditions.


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