Falcon Fire-Resistant Cabinet
Falcon Fire-Resistant Cabinet
Falcon Fire-Resistant Cabinet

Falcon Fire-Resistant Cabinet

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Falcon FRC (fire-resistant cabinets) satisfied the criteria in accordance with Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS-1037) for a one-hour duration at 1000 degrees Celsius.

Please be advised that the temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius can only be obtained in a furnace or in the oil rig fire only. Therefore, under any normal high-rise building, shop or house fire, the fire-resistant cabinet can easily resist more than 3 hours. 

Store your important documents, cash and other valuable goods with peace of mind and reduce the hassle and expense when disaster strikes.


  • Each drawer is loadable with an 80 kg uniform distributed load.
  • Super heavy-duty castor & ball-bearing mechanism
  • User-Friendly Handle
  • Central Locking (Please contact us if you want an individual locking system.)
  • Plinth and Drop Absorption.
  • Made in Malaysia


MODEL: Fire Resistant Cabinet (FRC)
FIRE RESISTANCE: 3 hours for normal high-rise building and house building fire.

DIMENSION:  2 DRAWER - External: 525 x 755 x 825 mm.  (WDH)
                                                Internal: 302 x 643 x 302 mm. (WDH)
                                                    Weight: 195 kgs.
                           3 DRAWER - External: 525 x 755 x 1,190 mm. (WDH)
                                               Internal: 302 x 643 x 302 mm. (WDH)
                                               Weight: 290 kgs.

                        4 DRAWER - External: 510mm x 680mm x 1,550mm (WDH)
                                               Internal: 302 x 643 x 302 mm. (WDH)
                                               Weight: 390 kgs.

LOCKING SYSTEM:  - 4 keys and 1 Combination Lock (dial)                                                                                - Please contact us for locking upgrades (such as Digital,                                                   Biometric, etc.)

WARRANTY: - 5 Years warranty applies in case of a manufacturing defect in the                                   Mechanical and Digital locking mechanism.
                      - Lifetime Fire Replacement Guarantee.

Available Color: Gray