Euro Safe Night Deposit 160T

Euro Safe Night Deposit 160T

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Night Deposit Euro Cash Safe series provide burglary protection for cash & valuables to international standards.

Key Features:

  • High-quality cash safe in protecting cash within an office, retail, home environment with a high level of a security grade.
  • Door & body slab thickness encasing with special formulated FS high-density refractory material, to protect against potential ways of burglary attacks.
  • Equipped with quality bolt work and locking mechanism. Heavy-duty steel locking hardened-chromed bolts securing the door at the front whereby the bolt work comprises of 3 ways flexible moving bolts to the top, bottom and lock case. The series is anchored with full length vertical interlocking rebates system which gives 4 ways locking system in total.
  • Eurosafe Series are secured by high security three-wheel mechanical combination lock with security capability of 1,000,000 combination variation. The door is secured by the Cawi key lock (Germany Vds certified).
  • The Eurosafe Series are tested & compliance FOR FIRE & BURGLARY RESISTANT OFFICE SAFES. All test have tested to resist attacking such as high-speed drill attack on the door, hydraulic jack attack, oxy-acetylene flame cutting touch attack. The safes are tested against fire testing and FIRE RESISTIVE CONTAINERS. The series has been tested and rated for 2 HOURS fire resistant.
  • Locking: combination lock, cylinder keylock
  • Features : 1 adjustable shelf

MODEL:    EURO Safe Night Deposit 160T
SIZE:         Internal -
H270 x W360 X D350 (mm)
                  External -
H580 x W510 X D530 (mm)
280 kgs

Available color: Beige